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Integrated housing, health and social care

At Appello we provide easy-to-use technology and services that support and enable people to lead active, engaged lives for longer. Our digital health, care and life safety systems make a valuable contribution to the health and social wellbeing of an ageing population.


Supporting you across housing, health and social care

Our Services

Life Safety and Security >

Safety, trust and confidence are key factors for the health and wellbeing of patients and individuals, whether in their own homes or in the community.

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Digital Care Monitoring Centre >

As the largest provider of TECS monitoring services in the UK we have been providing round the clock reassurance for over 27 years.

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Digital Now >

Replacing analogue systems with digital services and systems provides not only faster communications but also opens up a wealth of opportunities.

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Insight Driven Care >

We're helping to create smarter health and care provision platforms, that intelligently connect provision to the people who need it most.

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See how we are creating better outcomes

Were helping providing better integration of care provision by joining up technology and information flows

Latest Posts

Tony Tench from HC21.jpg

First Digital Care system deployed at Housing & Care 21

Housing & Care 21 have introduced a new IP-based care system at Walton Court, County Durham, which has been designed, installed and will be maintained by Appello.

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Tackling delayed transfers of care: A new partnership brings technology and data to homecare services

The integration of technology-enabled care from Appello with homecare services from Bluebird Care aims to improve one of health and social care's key challenges, delayed transfer of care.

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Carl Social Card Should technology.png

How health and social care is getting smarter

Carl Atkey, our CTO, explains how data, insight and joined up health and social care can help people get home faster, and stay at home with greater reassurance and comfort.

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