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We partner with housing, health and care organisations to provide technology-enabled care and life safety services that help housing, health and social care organisations to deliver better outcomes — ones that improve the lives of their customers, patients and residents.

Introducing Smart Living Solutions

Smart Living Solutions are our suite of digital services that integrate both safety and wellbeing technologies into your customer’s homes. In addition, these solutions create a digital environment that enables audio and video communication, along with valuable data insights, to flow between client properties, individual’s homes, on-site and off-site support staff, the Appello Monitoring Centre and our insights platform AppelloIQ. This means businesses can make better decisions, employees can be more effective and most importantly, residents can have better living experiences.

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Our Services

Life Safety and Security
We source, design, install, maintain and monitor systems, providing a holistic view of an individual's health and wellbeing.
Digital Care Centre
For nearly three decades we have been leading the way in TECS monitoring services in the UK. Our digital care centre is supporting us to continue this trend in a rapidly changing environment.
Digital Enabled Care
Insight, speed, flexibility and efficiencies, digital is enabling the delivery of care we deserve. Replacing analogue systems with digital, provides not only faster, clearer communication but opens up a wealth of opportunities for individuals and providers alike.
Insight Driven Care
As demand for health and social care continues to rise, we know that the NHS is seeking to evolve and develop new models of care. These models will provide better coordinated and integrated primary, community, hospital and social care services. Technology-enabled care services (TECS) will be instrumental to this.