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Buy personal alarms, fall detectors and emergency monitoring for anywhere in the UK.

*Next working day delivery when your order is placed before 12 noon Monday to Friday (excludes Weekends and Bank Holidays, your order will be shipped on the next working day after a Bank Holiday).

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When is the right time to be proactive about older age?

Being proactive about older age is essential to ensure that you or a loved one can live independently for as long as possible. It is important to carefully consider what measures can be put in place to suit your changing needs and to help you stay safe and happy at home.

Why choose a personal alarm with built-in fall detection?

What are the benefits of combining a fall detector with a personal alarm? How does a fall detector work?

Worried about an older parent?

Worried about an older family member? Discover how our personal alarms and monitoring service can give peace of mind and more flexibility to family and care givers.