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Appello started operations in the autumn of 2014 following the amalgamation of CarelineUK Ltd, Cirrus Ltd and Appello Telehealth Ltd but our combined histories go back much further than that… Our journey of supporting housing, health and social care to provide patient and residents with better care dates back to 24th June 1988 when we took our first emergency call. With a team of just five employees we were pioneers for emergency monitoring within the housing sector. Over the next decade our business grew considerably as did our team.

A changing picture

The synergies between the three businesses and changing needs of our customers led to the merger in 2014. Now, working with 3 of the 4 largest housing associations and hundreds of other like-minded organisations we’re transforming the quality of life for older people. Together we now have over 300 employees, supporting over 400,000 people across the UK.

Our Management Team

Chief Executive Officer, Appello

Tim Barclay

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Chief Technical Officer, Appello

Carl Atkey

Monitoring Services Director, Appello

Gill Atkey


How we are supporting organisations and their citizens

At Appello we provide easy-to-use technology and services that support and enable people to lead active, engaged lives for longer. Our digital health, care and life safety systems make a valuable contribution to the health and social wellbeing of an ageing population.

An increasingly ageing population places additional demands on housing, health and social care services. This requires organisations to fundamentally change and adopt digital technology and services. This will enable them to better integrate their care provision by joining up technology and information flows. We're harnessing technology innovation to support the different aspects of this integration. We use digital technologies - smarter homes and community portals - to deliver life-improving health, inclusion and support.

Our Focus

Above all, we're focused on providing technology-enabled, integrated care and life safety services. These help housing, health and social care organisations to deliver better outcomes that improve the lives of their customers, patients and residents.

At the heart of our service is the UK's leading digital care monitoring centre. This delivers both reactive and proactive monitoring and supports the health, safety and security of more older and vulnerable people than any other centre of its kind.