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How our service works

We provide emergency alarm monitoring services that supports a range of personal alarm and telecare products, to help you stay safe and independent in your home. All of our services are easy to use and unobtrusive. In fact, you'll never know we're there until you need us. We keep track of your personal and health details, but only so our specialist operators can arrange exactly the right kind of help for you in a potential emergency.

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Emergency Alarm Monitoring Process

If you require assistance, simply press the emergency button. If you have one of our packages, the sensors will automatically trigger when they are activated.

One of our operators will immediately respond and identify the most appropriate course of action. The operator will either confirm you are OK, contact the designated key holder (relative, neighbour or friend) or contact the emergency services if necessary.

The alarms will automatically dial our team of operators who will know exactly who to call and what to do to help you.

Dependent upon your circumstances, help will arrive to provide you with the assistance you need.