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Fast forward to digital care

Fast forward to digital care- why digital tops housing providers’ agenda, is the first in a series of reports exploring digital telecare transformation in the retirement housing sector. Digital care or telecare encompasses the provision of assisted living, self-care and monitoring services, that are founded on IP-based technologies. It is an approach favoured by many in the sector and at the highest levels. That’s because digital solutions can transform the way people live, communicate and manage their own health.

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If you are embarking on a digital journey or not sure what to consider, then this paper contains unique insight form other providers on the key priorities, opportunities and challenges facing housing providers. Digital change is coming. Whether you choose to be at the forefront of the digital housing revolution, or you take a more cautious stance, you still need to plan for change today. Our research shows that the top priorities for today’s housing providers are: improving the customer experience, reducing costs and improving understanding of customers. Digital solutions will be critical in delivering this. To find out more download the paper.

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