"Appello has allowed me the flexibility to balance all aspects of my life"
Over 27 years experience in the life safety and technology enabled care provision
We have been awarded Investors in People Bronze Status for our commitment to employee development
A wide range or roles available, from office to field based, nights and part-time hours.

"Appello has allowed me the flexibility to balance all aspects of my life."


Kelly Cooper, Control Centre Operator

What do you value most about working at Appello?

Working at Appello gives me the ability to make a difference to those in need. I value the support I've been given by my peers and the company to enable me to provide a good quality of care and to feel confident in my job role.

What do you enjoy most about your current role at Appello?

Working as a Appello Operator, supporting older people on a daily basis is a very rewarding and feel good job, I am in a position of trust and I relish the responsibility.

Does your role at Appello allow you to maintain a good work and life balance?

As a full time student and mother of two, Appello has allowed me the flexibility to balance all aspects of my life. Although I have my contracted hours I am able to acquire additional shifts when commitments allow.

As a mother of two would you recommend working at Appello to others?

As a parent I would highly recommend working at Appello, the flexibility of shifts and overtime would suit the majority of working parents who need to achieve a good work life balance.

How have you developed and what new skills have you acquired in your role?

In the future I hope to have a career in the NHS. The transferable skills I've acquired through working at Appello include good verbal communication and empathy in a sometimes highly charged situation. All of which i am sure will support me in my career development.


Matt Foster, Field Service Engineer

What do you value the most about working at Appello?

I enjoy working for Appello as the company prides itself on providing excellent customer service throughout the business.

How have you developed as an engineer at Appello, have you gained new skills in your role?

The equipment we are working with, and expanding services we offer means that working at Appello has enabled me to develop my skills as an engineer. All of the equipment and products that we work with are provided by third party manufacturers which increases the breadth of our knowledge immensely.

What do you like best about your job?

Engineers are the face of the company, meeting customers and service users on a daily basis. I enjoy this responsibility, meeting with customers and meeting their needs.

As an engineer it's rewarding to get their appreciation when a job has been completed. Just recently I received an email from a customer addressed to me as well as my manager commenting on how professional I was, and how pleased she was with the work I had done. It is great to get this recognition from customers as I pride myself, as does the company, on going the extra mile for our customers.


Gary Clarke, National Training Manager

Have you been provided with the opportunity and support to develop at Appello?

Appello have always been very good to me with regards development, If there is a course that I believe will be of value to my role, the business has supported me. I also think that the level of training I received has helped me develop the skills required to progress.

Working with Appello has allowed me exposure to a very wide range of equipment, systems and processes. On many occasions I have been able to learn these myself, but support has always been on hand should it be required.

What do you like best about your job, and working at Appello?

I have always enjoyed problem solving, finding a solution gives me job satisfaction. Every day offers a challenge which is keeps me motivated in my role.

Ultimately I am a customer service driven individual whether this is internal or external, it can be very rewarding to see someone happy or pleased by the service that I deliver.

Would you recommend working at Appello, and if so why?

Yes, Appello have rewarded me when I have done a good job, they have also set me objectives to strive towards, which is what I believe you need to keep you engaged.
The people and the atmosphere are what have I enjoy coming to work for and the opportunities for career progression has been appreciated.

I would also recommend this industry to my friends as I believe the future holds some interesting developments into IP and digital technology.


Kathryn Wiltshire, Support Services Operator

What do you value the most about working at Appello?

The support that I receive from both my managers and peers is brilliant. There is a genuine understanding that my education comes first, and this is not a feeling that I have ever received from any other company.

How do you find working at Appello alongside your studies?

Having a part time job alongside studying is always difficult, however the shift pattern I have chosen has given me plenty of time to commute to my lectures in London, complete all the necessary essays, and revision. I even have time to socialise!

How do you balance work, studying and exams?

The flexible hours are great to enable work to fit around my studies, I have the opportunity to request holiday, and on some occassions (providing I give enough notice) I can shift swap with colleagues or change which days I am working if my exam timetable clashes with my working week.

What do you like best about your job?

I work with a really great team, who are cheering me on with my studies!