Insight, speed, flexibility and efficiencies, digital is enabling the delivery of care we deserve.
We are the UK's largest provider of digital (IP) telecare services.
We support over 400,000 individuals across the UK across our services
We have developed the UK's largest digitally enabled care and monitoring centre.


Replacing analogue systems with digital, provides not only faster, clearer communication but opens up a wealth of opportunities for individuals and providers alike.

Smart Living Solutions are our suite of digital services that integrate both safety and wellbeing technologies into your customer’s homes. In addition, these solutions create a digital environment that enables audio and video communication, along with valuable data insights, to flow between client properties, individual’s homes, on-site and off-site support staff, the Appello Monitoring Centre and our insights platform AppelloIQ. This means businesses can make better decisions, employees can be more effective and most importantly, residents can have better living experiences.

We are already a digital nation

Digital technology is transforming our lives. It affects how we communicate with each other, how we work, how we shop and how we spend our spare time. And change has been fast. 89% of the UK are actively using the internet, and engagement amongst over 55’s is changing rapidly. Coupled with a growing older generation of smartphone and tablet users, there is a growing appetite for digital care services within this demographic.

Our approach

Digital transformation is seen by the UK Government as an critical part of public sector reform with the aim of increasing efficiency and providing a better service for users. As a member of the Government digital charter we are working to bridge the offline versus online gap. We recognise that our customers must address the need to handle more information and greater demand for their services. Currently we believe there is no joined up view of an individual’s data to help provide the correct care, in the right place and at the right time. The introduction of digital systems will help housing providers create more integrated services across health and social care, improve connectedness, be more responsive, and differentiate themselves. IP/GSM technology adoption is growing daily, in the next 10 years it is anticipated that it will have replaced the existing analogue infrastructure across Europe - based on the ongoing Next Generation Networks (NGN) upgrade programme. A digital infrastructure will support emerging technologies converging telecare, telehealth, smart home and Internet of Things (IOT) devices. We have invested in our digital infrastructure to support housing providers as they make the shift from analogue care services to digital. Investments digital interfaces to support protocols such as NOWIP and other European standards have been developed on our platform. Our digital services provide a fully integrated approach with door entry, access control and telecare / telehealth peripherals managed on a single platform via an IP architecture.

Recognised by industry

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Digital Enabled Care Services

Digital Telecare
Appello’s digital technology enabled care platform is the first end-to-end IP platform that connects people, devices, communications and support in the home. Digital technology delivers vastly improved speed, greater communication, video technology and provides a platform for integrating data into the care of individuals.
Social Isolation
We view technology as a key enabler in returning people home after hospital treatment and ensuring they remain safe, independent and in control. Technology should be integral to an integrated discharge process, creating the opportunity to offer insight and support 24/7, enabling responsive, personalised services for patients.

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