For nearly three decades we have been leading the way in TECS monitoring services in the UK.
Our digital care centre is supporting us to continue this trend in a rapidly changing environment.
Our team of experienced operators manage over 3.7 million calls annually from across the UK.
Over 27 years’ experience in the life safety and technology enabled care service provision.
We have developed the UK's largest digitally enabled care and monitoring centre.

The largest TECS monitoring provider in the UK

Our digital care services centre is staffed by 170 experienced and trained professionals, handling 4 million calls every year and supporting over 165,000 people.

Our Digital Care Centre

We have invested significantly in developing a new service platform that meets the changing market demands and needs of our customers. Our digital monitoring platform, CareNet supports digital enabled telecare systems that offer greater speed, flexibility, scalability and resilience than traditional analogue systems. CareNet is built in partnership with the UK's emergency services provider. It's a telco grade platform meeting the highest standards of reliability. Our triple layer configuration, with unprecedented bandwidth allows for endless simultaneous calls 100% resilience. Our cloud based approach supports remote connectivity and enables efficient switching of operational sites.

It’s about more than technology

Our commitment to investing in the quality of our staff and services is illustrated by our TSA code of practice and BS8591 certification. The opinions of the people we support are critical. That's why, annually we carry out an independently analysed customer satisfaction survey. Our 2016 survey showed that 99% of our customers (your residents) trust us to help them in an emergency.

Digital Care Centre Services

When it comes to telecare systems you can count on our experience and expertise. We install a wide range of telecare systems (digital, analogue fixed or dispersed) and currently carry out over 500 large installation projects each year. These are delivered through a robust management programme to ensure high standards are met and maintained.
Out of Hours
Our out of hours monitoring service is here, because emergencies don't just happen in office hours. You can rely on us to help 24/7, whether it's broken windows and locks, leaking water pipes or an electrical fault. With our service, you can protect people and property at all times of day and limit the cost of emergency service requests. You can sleep soundly in the knowledge that we will handle an unlimited number of calls relating to your property, around the clock. We use only approved contractors in accordance with your requirements, policies and procedures.
Lone Worker
The protection of staff is a demanding challenge, especially within local government offices, where employees can face a range of challenging situations. By utilising sophisticated phone-based tracking and mapping technologies, we can instantly locate a lone worker or vulnerable person if they go missing. Once their position is identified, the appropriate support is then immediately provided by our dedicated alarm monitoring team.
Long Term Condition Management
Our telehealth service provides a complete home-based monitoring, advice and support service for individuals with a Long Term Condition - monitoring Diabetes, Asthma, Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

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