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We partner with 3 of the 4 largest housing associations in the UK
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As demand for health and social care continues to rise, we know that the NHS is seeking to evolve and develop new models of care. These models will provide better coordinated and integrated primary, community, hospital and social care services. Technology-enabled care services (TECS) will be instrumental to this.

Combining insight with care

TECS can be an effective tool in supporting people in the management of their own health and in enabling better coordination of care, personalisation and prevention. Technology alone can't deliver a transformation in care, however, when it is embedded in a wider package of care and new ways of working, the combined innovation can have a powerful impact on improving patient outcomes.

Our Approach

At Appello, we are proactively working to help create the integration and transparency that is required to allow people to benefit from more coordinated care. Through introducing smart sensor information you start to develop a powerful insight-driven framework to support the individual. When this is then underpinned with rules set by experienced carers and clinicians, supported by the individual, you have the opportunity to develop a care model that all parties can gain positive outcomes from. Interested to know more? Watch our video on why 'it's time for change'

Appello Integrated Health and Care

Insight Driven Care Services

Supported Discharge
We view technology as a key enabler in returning people home after hospital treatment and ensuring they remain safe, independent and in control. Technology should be integral to an integrated discharge process, creating the opportunity to offer insight and support 24/7, enabling responsive, personalised services for patients.
Social Inclusion
Our social media-based solution has been developed to help reduce social isolation and improve engagement for older people in the community. It has been co-funded by Innovate UK and NESTA as part of a £1 million Hyperlocal project. We have sought input and feedback from hundreds of actual service users to help shape, design and build what they need.
Single Best Record
By providing connected services through a single monitoring centre we can capture, integrate and aggregate data at a patient level in the community, enabling the effective management and interpretation of outcomes data.

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